Against False Union. Alexander Kalomiros

Alexander Kalomiros


Athens 1963

Humble Thoughts Of An Orthodox Christian Concerning The Attempts For Union Of The One, Holy, Catholic, And Apostolic Church With The So Called Churches Of The West.

HAPTER ONE I. Peace Without Truth II. There Has Been No Severance III. Offering, Not Discussion IV. Salvation from the World V. The Antichrist VI. The Mystery of Iniquity VII. Union of Religions VIII. A Glance into the Past IX. The Old Calendar Question X. The Unraveling XI. God Is Not Mocked XII. The Infallible Criterion XIII. The Ark XIV. The Masks CHAPTER TWO XVI. Contemporary Idolatry XVII. With the Cross as Banner XVIII. The Way of Knowledge XIX. The School of the West XX. Fearful Mysteries XXI. The Light XXII. Salvation XXIII. A Great Chasm XXIV. The Falling Away XXV. The Summit of the Tower XXVI. Civilization XXVII. The Difficult Way CHAPTER THREE XXVIII. Ecclesiology XXIX. Pseudo – bishops XXX. At the End of Time XXXI. The Sign of the Coming XXXII. Perilous Times Shall Come XXXIII. The New Jerusalem PDF* AGAINST-FALSE-UNION


Против ложного единения. Александр Каломирос (ru.)
Against False Union. Alexander Kalomiros (en.)