A Voice of Agony. An Article by His Eminence, Metropolitan Chrysotomos of Attica and Boeotia

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Monday, Nov. 30, 2020 (ns)

That which we are going through due to the “holy” coronavirus could be called a “thawing out”. I say “holy” because while the truly Holy things are forbidden from being processed through the streets, coronavirus circulates freely.

For eight whole months, we are going through a “freezing” far away from our traditions, while simultaneously the bombardment of fearmongering propaganda by those who have not tasted of Life, reigns in all its glory.

From what it seems, this is an organized plan, not to save the lives of our fellow man, but for the structured and systematic de-christianization of Orthodox Greece. Because if they were really interested in people’s health, much should have been healed and been put in order here in our country, which for years now weighs on the health of our fellow citizens.

During the first quarantine, without masks, without all the protection for our lives, we also did not have so many cases. Now masks are imposed on people to be worn everywhere and at all times, and people are forbidden to circulate through the streets during the evening and night hours, and yet the cases continually increase. Are all these things true? What’s going on?

Unfortunately, it seems that the voice of contentious people are silenced and the sad thing is that all those people who are in ministerial positions, all those who make decisions, and those who see to the application of theses decisions, after a few months, or after one or two years, they will leave office and be forgotten, having labored at the expense of Orthodoxy and ostensibly on behalf of our health.

Do we realize what is happening today, for tomorrow?

Has the Orthodox Church been captured?

Are they leading us to extinction?

Has the padlock been put on?

Has the time come for us all to go out and speak?

The people should wake up, to arouse the conscience of the Orthodox Christian! Finally!

No Great Fast, no Holy Week, no Feast of Pascha, no processions, no Fifteen Days of August, no Nativity of Christ. What’s happening here?

At a time when all public spaces are terribly crowded!

The “protectors” managed to convey the message and the impression that the church is a “restaurant” that transmits diseases.

I feel that we will receive a great shaking from Jesus in order to bring us into line. And we deserve it.

Unfortunately, He will spit us out. (cf. Rev 3:16)

What I write does not mean that the coronavirus does not exist.

It does exist and we certainly have a duty to protect ourselves and to protect our fellow human beings.

But it seems that we are not in danger so much from the coronavirus as from those who manage the coronavirus, who have as their aim the citizens’ coherence, and compliance with their laws.

As concerning those who treat the Orthodox Church: the Mother of our Nation as a stepmother, it would be good for them to know that its smallest village or its last Christian of True Faith, is a volcano. A volcano that can “threaten” some and “eliminate” others.

The power of the Orthodox Church is tremendous, it cannot be compared to anything. And those throughout history who tried to confront Her disappeared and were forgotten.

I do not speak with passion or anger, I speak with pain and agony.


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