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His Grace, Bishop Klemes of Gardikion (in the world, Cyril Papadopoulos, son of Paul and Helen Papadopoulos), was born in Drama, Eastern Macedonia, Greece, in 1966, where he enrolled in, and graduated from, the local Lyceum. During his student years, he also took instruction in Byzantine ecclesiastical music.

He was a parishioner and First Chanter of the historic Old Calendar Church of St. Mark Evgenikos [of Ephesus] in Drama, where he was also tonsured a Reader by the then Metropolitan of Thessaloniki, Chrysostomos (Kiouses).

By virtue of his impressive scores on the Greek National University Placement Examinations, he undertook higher studies at the Theological School of the University of Thessaloniki in 1985, from which he graduated in 1989 summa cum laude.

In September of the same year, he dedicated himself to the Holy Monastery of Sts. Cyprian and Justina, in Fili, Attica, where he was tonsured a Monk and Ordained a Deacon by its Abbot, His Eminence, Metropolitan Cyprian.

Four years later, in November of 1993, he was tonsured to the Great Schema and Ordained a Presbyter, again by his Most Reverend Elder.
He has served principally in the weighty and responsible work of service to three Secretariats, namely, that of the Monastery, of the Holy Metropolis, and of the Holy Synod; as well, he tendered his valuable services with self-denial, despite the fragility of his health, as a Pastor, Liturgist, and regular Preacher to the Monastery and, more generally, to the pastoral needs of the Holy Metropolis.

Bishop Klemes is responsible (or principal collaborator) for the periodical publications (indeed, setting apart the periodical St. Cyprian, since 1996, as an ecclesiastical periodical of the highest quality), in addition to other Monastery publications; for the website of the Holy Synod; for the Metropolis’ “Seminars for Theological Formation”; for the Adult Catechetical Programs, etc.
He energetically participates in the anti-ecumenical “Gatherings for Orthodox Awareness,” which are organized each year on the Sunday of Orthodoxy, as well as the other public presentations and activities of the Monastery.

His Grace has authored studies, articles, and texts of theological, historical, and spiritual content.
With marked ability, he speaks the English language, which he understands and reads with fluency.
Bishop Klemes has taken part, from time to time, in national Greek television news programs of spiritual content, and frequently represents the Monastery in the public media.

He is distinguished by his industriousness, his love of liturgical services, and his genuine ecclesiastical, Eucharistic, and Hesychastic mindset.

Name Day: 24 November (St. Clement of Rome)

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