For True Orthodoxy in Greece and the World. Nikolaos Mannis

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A voice from Greece for the brothers in Indonesia and all over Asia who are oppressed by the employees of Constantinople and Moscow

For True Orthodoxy in Greece and the World By Nikolaos Mannis, orthodox writer (

Dear Brothers in Christ, At the beginning of the 20th century, two great beasts attacked the Church of Christ; Freemasonry and Communism. The despotic thrones of the Patriarchates of the East, beginning with the Patriarchate of Constantinople, were occupied by Freemasons (such as Meletius Metaxakis and Vasileios Georgiadis), while in Russia the Communists after failing to use the “Living Church”, used Metropolitan Sergius Stragorodsky for to enslave the Church. At that time, began to be supported (either by the communist “Living Church” or by the masonic “Pan-Orthodox Congress” of 1923) various positions for the reform and adulteration of Orthodoxy. Such positions were the approach of the “Churches” (heterodox confessions), the abolition of the Ηoly Tradition, the introduction of the Gregorian calendar, the wedding of the bishops, etc.

All these were the results of secularization, that is, of the demonic attempt to transform the Church into world, who “is under the control of the evil one” (1 John 5, 19). The practical application of these positions became possible due to the captivity of the Local Churches in State power. In 1924 the masonic governments of Greece, Romania and Cyprus (in collaboration with their Archbishops) imposed the introduction of the Gregorian calendar into the Church. In 1927 the communist government of the Soviet Union captured the Church with the “Declaration of Obedience” of Metropolitan Sergius. These acts forced the religious Orthodox, who were called “True or Genuine Orthodox”, to resist. The governments, along with many bishops of the “official Churches”, behaved with antiChristian hatred: the True Orthodox were beaten, imprisoned, exiled, their priests shaved, their temples blown up, sent to concentration camps, murdered. It takes thousands of pages to describe a very small part of what happened (however there are sources in Russian, English, Greek and Romanian for anyone interested). 2

Specifically in Greece, the True Orthodox fought without Hierarchs for 11 years with guides Hieromonks from Mount Athos. In 1935 three Hierarchs of the “official Church” repented and undertook their defense and pastorate of True Orthodox. The most important of them was the St. Chrysostom Kavouridis, former Metropolitan of Florina: the first pillar of the Church of the True Orthodox in Greece. The St. Chrysostom pass away in 1955 and the True Orthodox in Greece were again without bishops for five years. In 1960 he was ordained (in the USA) Fr. Akakios Pappas from Mount Athos by Bishops of Russian Church of Abroad (ROCA). In 1962, the Archbishop of the ROCA in Chile, Leonty Filippovich (+1971), came to Greece from Chile and, with Bishop Akakios, ordained Bishops, who formed a Holy Synod (today this Synod is called GOC-K· Genuine Orthodox Christians – under the Omophorion of Archbishop Kallinikos). Archbishop Leonty (who was a dear friend of St. John Maximovitch and was loved by the zealots of ROCA, such as Archbishop Averky, the blessed Fr. Seraphim Rose, etc.) was the second pillar of the Church of the True Orthodox in Greece.

From these two pillars we received that True Orthodoxy is not a Schism (as the persecutors falsely claimed), but is a Guard who protects the treasures of the Faith and is a Leaven who “leavens the whole lump of dough” (Gal. 5, 9) waiting the return of the misguided brothers. It is true that within True Orthodoxy (as has always been the case in the Church since its inception) weeds appeared (cf. Mt. 13, 24-30); clerics who either expressed heretical views, or fell in schisms, or had no Apostolic Succession. It is obvious that these weeds do not express True Orthodoxy, no matter how much they use this title. But we ourselves are aware that we belong to the Church of Christ (since we have the Apostolic Faith and the Apostolic Succession), that is why we do not deny the Dialogue with Love and Truth (not the false ecumenical “dialogues”) with anyone.

But our opponents? The Patriarchate of Constantinople cannot stand the Dialogue with us. Even the “Calendar Issue” was removed from the agenda of the “Synod of Crete” (a Synod organized by the CIA in 2016). The Moscow Patriarchate has taken some good steps of repentance (recognition of New Martyrs and Confessors in the Soviet Union, denunciation of the New-Papism of Constantinople), but it still has a road of two steps: a) He must renounce the fruits of Freemasonry (ie Ecumenism and the World Council of Churches), b) He must renounce the slavery of the Hierarchy to the State (a practice he inherited with the “Declaration” of Sergius). He will then be able to convene an Ecumenical Council (since the other Patriarchates are captives in Freemasonry) and we will gladly come to put our position to the judgment of the whole Church. 3 Until then, neither the Patriarchate of Constantinople nor the Patriarchate of Moscow can defeat us, because we have the Lord with us according to the words of the Holy Bible (“even to the death, fight for what is right, and the Lord will do battle for you” – Sirach 4, 28). And proof of this is that we ourselves invite them with open arms, while they themselves are fighting us, since they are only interested in power! Dear Brothers, During our route we experienced many persecutions. We may have been persecuted (with many ways) in Greece, but they did not bend us. Because True Orthodoxy is the Orthodoxy of the Cross. And after the Crucifixion comes the Resurrection!

With love in Christ, Your unworthy brother (In Athens, March 11/24, 2021 Memory of the St. Sophronius, Patriarch of Jerusalem)


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