Letter from the Metropolitan Moses to the faithful (Nov 30, 2020)

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Beloved Christians of the Metropolis of Toronto,

May our Lord bless you and your families.

During these days when the government has arbitrarily and unlawfully shut down houses of worship, it is good to humble ourselves and remember our sins and repent before God.

We have as our guides the Three Children in Babylon, who blessed God and praised Him in the midst of the fire, while accusing and humbling themselves, accepting His judgment as just.

In their prayer they also, however, acknowledged the character of their ruler, saying:
“And thou didst deliver us into the hands of lawless enemies, most hateful forsakers of God, and to an unjust king, and the most wicked in all the world.” (The Song of the Three Children 8-9)

I write these things today because there are some who claim that Scripture instructs us in all cases to submit to rulers and not to criticize them. Such pronouncements oversimplify the meaning of the Scriptures and give an inaccurate, superficial, and misleading reading of Church History. One must use common sense. We live in an age when our “rulers” do not claim or even acknowledge divine authority but rather have aggressively disobeyed the will of God, and this overt disobedience is the new foundation for all their policies, replacing even the constitutional basis for authority laid down by Canada’s Protestant founders, much less any divine mandate in an Orthodox sense. Far from being executors of the divine law or even human law, our rulers function no longer even in a secular sense as constitutionally bound civil magistrates but as tyrants. Their regime is allowed by God, as was the Soviet regime in Russia, but, like their counterparts in Soviet Russia, their regime is not established by God. This is why St. Tikhon the New Confessor anathematized the Bolsheviks, and why Saint Philaret of NY, Saint John Maximovitch and the holy hierarchs in the Russian Church Abroad in times past always prayed that God would destroy the rule of the “godless authorities.” Now, having by their words and deeds cast aside any legitimate claim to constitutional rule, our new godless authorities have thereby relinquished the divine sanction granted even to well-meaning secular governments.
Keeping all this in mind, recall the patristic dictum: “Obedience to disobedience is not obedience, ” and the words x of the Holy Apostles spoken to the Sanhedrin, “We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29)

Our elected government officials in Canada are by law subject to the Canadian constitution and to the Canadian Charter of Rights, but they have thrown off this lawful yoke and created their own justifications, deriving solely from their own will to power and their anti-national, anti-Canadian allegiance to the emerging One World Government, which is a form of government not established by God but rather clearly condemned by God in Genesis 11, by His judgment on the Tower of Babel and His creation of the separate nations. Indeed, as the Apostle writes, “All authority is from God,” but Babel is not authority; it is, rather, anti-authority.

In explaining the legal basis of his challenge to the Covid Measures, Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati has accurately pointed out that “…the Covid Measures taken by by Trudeau and Ford, and their respective governments, at the blind and unquestioned dictates of the World Health Organization (“WHO”) bureaucrats, constitute a violation of the abdication of the duty to govern, as enunciated in, inter alia, the Re Gray and Canada (Wheat Board) v Hallett and Carey Ltd. decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada;”

The whole world knows what Justin Trudeau said in a speech to the UN where he expressed his commitment to Agenda 2030 and “Working back better methods offering to back the most defenseless while keeping up our energy on arriving at the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the [Sustainable Development Goals]… This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset… This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.”

The goals of Agenda 2030 are not secret. This is not a matter of politics or political parties. It is a matter of a complete cultural and economic change that is being imposed on Canada by globalist foreign entities.

Saint John of Damascus writes the following, in Against Those Who Decry the Divine Images.

“Therefore I have judged it unreasonable to keep silence and to hold my tongue, bearing in mind the Scripture warning:—”If thou withdrawest thyself, my soul shall not delight in thee,” (Heb. 10.38) and “If thou seest the sword coming and dost not warn thy brother, I shall require his blood at thy hand.” (cf. Ez. 33.

These words apply today in the context of the misuse of the ongoing fraudulent “Covid Measures” that are being used to take away our rights. If the citizens do not stand up now, there will never be a return to what was normal one year ago. The “new normal” will be a radical departure from anything we have ever known.

For the sake of your children and grandchildren, we have to fight against the recent lockdown and any effort to impose a mandatory vaccination. I have heard it said that there are many Members of the Provincial Parliament who were pushed aside and were not allowed to voice their opinions against the recent shutdown. We need to encourage all of our local MPPs, regardless of party, to stand up for their constituents. If you have friends of another faith, Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jew, it does not matter, we need to encourage them to complain to their local MPPs about the shutdown of houses of worship.

Phone calls, emails and personal appearances at the office of your local MPP will send a message. We do not want the houses of worship shut down, we do not want a mandatory vaccination, and we do not want Agenda 2030. Members of Parliament need to be told that if they go along with the shutdown it will be the end of their political careers. One or two more quarters of shutdowns will put more people hopelessly in debt, and then there will be an offer to pay off the debt through the International Money Fund, with the caveat that one will have to submit to the ID2020 vaccination and forfeit having private possessions.

I write all this with pain of heart, as your archpastor, because I see the sword coming, and I do not want your blood required at my hands, as St. John Damascene says, quoting the words of the prophet Ezekiel. We must never, however, give into sinful fear but rather always practice absolute hope in Our Savior, Who promises to be with us always (Matthew 28:20), and Who, the night before He died, assured His friends the Apostles with these soul-saving words:

“These things I have spoken unto you that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

Your fervent suppliant unto the Lord,

+Moses, of Toronto

From: goctoronto.org

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